Picture of D&R Sours

D&R Sours

Available in Apple, Cherry, Blackcurrant, Raspberry, Tropical and Cola Cube.

Renowned for its overwhelming 'real' taste of fruit, this liqueur range inspires the cocktail maker in you. Sweet and sour flavours combine on the tongue for a magical taste experience. All of the range may be drunk neat, on the rocks, as a long drink or as part of a cocktail. Whichever way you prefer to drink, D&R Sours will not fail to impress.

Picture of Sour Apple
Sour Apple
Picture of Sour Cherry
Sour Cherry
Picture of Sour Blackcurrant
Sour Blackcurrant
Picture of Sour Raspberry
Sour Raspberry
Picture of Sour Tropical
Sour Tropical
Picture of Sour Cola Cube
Sour Cola Cube