Picture of Shaker 2 Nite Syrups

Shaker 2 Nite Syrups

Available in Cassis, Orange, Banana, Strawberry, Grenadine, Almond, Coconut, Mint and Blue Curacao.

The Shaker 2 Nite range of syrups are simply liqueurs without the alcohol. The same ingredients that go into making the Iseo Liqueur range are used in the syrups and the results when used in a cocktail are truly out-standing. 

Cassis Syrup
Orange Syrup
Picture of Banana Syrup
Banana Syrup
Strawberry Syrup
Picture of Grenadine Syrup
Grenadine Syrup
Almond Syrup
Picture of Coconut Syrup
Coconut Syrup
Picture of Mint Syrup
Mint Syrup
Picture of Blue Curacao Syrup
Blue Curacao Syrup